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Tom Teofilo

Tom Teofilo
Guidance Counselor
920-387-7970 Ext: 242

Mayville Middle School
Guidance Services

The Mayville Middle School Guidance Department provides a wide range of services to the school. Counseling services include both individual and small group counseling. The counselor prepares and facilitates classroom guidance lessons in grades 3-6, and career guidance in grades 7 & 8. The Homeroom Program for 7th & 8th grade is also coordinated through the Guidance Department. The following services are offered through the guidance department at Mayville Middle School.

Individual Counseling

The school counselor and the school psychologist meet with some students on an individual basis during the school year. Some students have regularly scheduled counseling times while others may be seen on an as needed basis.

Students may be self-referred, referred by parents, teachers, or administrators, or counseling may be required as part of an IEP, for special needs students. The topics that are addressed may include self-esteem, friendship problems, family difficulties, academic concerns, etc.

Classroom Guidance

The middle school counselor presents classroom guidance lessons for 30 minutes on a bi-weekly basis, in grades 3 and 4. In grades 5 and 6 guidance lessons are once per month. A two-week rotating schedule is established for guidance lessons. Guidance topics include lessons on respect and bullying prevention from the “Steps to Respect” guidance program along with other appropriate topics. Examples of topics include: making friends, cooperation, resolving conflict, controlling emotions, accepting differences, making a difference, protective behaviors, positive communication, etc. Seasonal topics may include a lesson about safety before Halloween, and a lesson on holiday traditions around Christmas time.


The school counselor coordinates the Homeroom Program at Mayville Middle School.
All 7th and 8th grade students are assigned to a “homeroom” group of approximately 15 students each. They are assigned to the group with a specific teacher/facilitator upon entering 7th grade. They remain in the same homeroom grouping through the end of 8th grade. Homeroom meetings/activities are scheduled once per month throughout the school year.

Homeroom activities are designed to fit the needs and interests of middle school students.
Some of the activities that students participate in are related to the following topics: study skills, goal-setting, personal relationships, AODA issues, problem solving, and team building.

Career Guidance

The school counselor presents career guidance lessons once per month at the 7th grade level. A lesson is presented in a different curricular area each month, alternating between English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The focus at the 7th grade level is on career development/career decision-making. Topics include: interests, aptitudes, values, types of careers, and getting an education, along with other topics.

Career guidance at the 8th grade level includes lessons that integrate career topics or information with the specific curricular areas. For example: in English class students will discuss careers that involve the use of language/communication skills. They will also complete application letters and resumes.

At the 8th grade level, students will also take the Wisconsin Career Assessment, an on-line career interest inventory. Students receive a copy of the inventory results when they complete it.

Group Counseling Services
Grades 3-6

Below is a listing of the group counseling services that are offered at Mayville Middle School for grades 3-6:

Social Skills/ Self Esteem: This is a social skills group that works on developing and maintaining friendships. This group focuses on building self-esteem and confidence. It is more for the quiet and withdrawn child in your classroom.

Social Skills/ Behavior: This is also a social skills group that works on developing and maintaining friendships. This group focuses on developing skills to follow directions, be respectful of others, and how to control our emotions/anger. This group is for the student that has difficulties with peers and acts out to gain attention.

Family Change: This group is more like a peer support group. It is for the children that are experiencing change within the home environment (i.e., divorce, remarriage, death, stepsiblings). This is a problem-solving group that lends support to let those involved know that others experience change and difficulties at home as well.

Attention Deficit Disorder: This group is for those students that have been identified as having ADD/ADHD. The group focuses on gaining awareness of the disorder, dealing with medication issues, developing problem-solving skills to use in the classroom as well as at recess, lunch, home, etc.

These groups meet every other week at a predetermined time. These groups are facilitated by Tom Teofilo the middle school counselor.

Group Counseling Services
Grades 7-8

Below is a description of the group counseling service that is offered at Mayville Middle School for students in grades 7-8:

Group Counseling Services
Grades 7-8

Below is a description of the group counseling service that is offered at Mayville Middle School for students in grades 7-8:

Peer Support: This group is for the student that is experiencing some changes and/or difficulties in their lives. These 7th and 8th grade years can be difficult in any child’s life. Often times they are full of change and change of any kind can be difficult for children to understand and accept. To help them through this change, a peer support group is organized at school for children experiencing difficulties. Difficulties may include social issues, family issues, alcohol/other drug issues, and/or emotional issues. In this group children will have an opportunity to discuss their common concerns as well as learn more about themselves. The expectations are that this group will enhance your child’s self-awareness, self-esteem, and help them to develop more problem-solving skills, as your child is defining him/herself.

Students in this group meet every other week at a predetermined time. The groups are facilitated by Tom Teofilo the middle school guidance counselor.




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