Virtual Math Lessons with Greg Tang

Recently 53 students across grades 1-5 at Parkview and MMS had the opportunity to participate in a live virtual lesson taught by math guru and author Greg Tang!

Mr. Tang covered five topics, one per grade level, over the course of three days.

By the numbers...

  • 9 first graders interacted in the lesson about adding within 20 (quickly!)
  • 13 second graders interacted in the lesson about using number lines efficiently
  • 8 third graders participated in a lesson on fraction equivalence
  • 9 fourth graders were involved in the lesson about adding fractions
  • 15 fifth graders interacted in a lesson about fraction operations

Each of the lessons were 45 minutes long and had great participation from our students. It was an invaluable educational experience....and TONS of fun! Big thanks to our awesome math interventionist Mrs. Stacy Walworth for coordinating!