High School Counseling Services

Grace Winter

High School Counselor

Grace Loomans
High School Counselor
920-387-7960 x4424

High School Counseling Admin Asst

Christine Adamavich
High School Administrative Assistant
920-387-7960 x4224

The School Counseling Department in the Mayville School District is under the umbrella of the Mayville Pupil Services Program. A main tenet of the personnel involved in the Mayville School District School Counseling Program is that a person's educational, emotional, social, vocational, and mental growth cannot be met by classroom curriculum alone. Rather, influence inside and outside the classroom setting creates learning needs that can be better addressed through guidance and counseling services. The School Counseling Program at Mayville is based on a developmental approach, which emphasizes the personal, educational, and vocational needs of students. School Counseling services are an integrated, systematic, developmental, and preventative program, which compliments the academic program of the school district.