Rain Barrels

1st Annual Rain Barrel Silent Auction

The Mayville Science Club/Environmental Club created three hand painted rain barrels this year for auction. 

The barrels all contained food grade products originally. Brass plumbing faucets were installed, along with a brass coupler to attach an overflow garden hose. The screen helps prevent debris from coming in, and the 4” hole on top can fit an attachment found at many hardware or home and garden stores.

The Silent Auction will run now through 5/8. Winners will be notified of their winning bid at auction close and proceeds will go back to support the club. In the future we hope to use some of this money to create a scholarship for graduating seniors. 

The barrels will be outside on display by the greenhouse during the upcoming FFA Plant Sale.

To bid, email Mr. Seegert at bseegert@mayville.k12.wi.us and he'll advise the current bid, or bid in person during the sale. 

Opening Minimum Bid : $70, minimum bid increments  $2.00

Thank you for your support in advance!