WCASS Award Winner - Joanna V.

Annually, the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services, Ltd. (WCASS) presents awards as an opportunity to showcase its members' contributions to their districts, and to provide the public with a better understanding of the exemplary work members do to benefit students. This year, Mayville School District is incredibly proud to recognize two award winners from Mayville Middle School, Joanna Vander Schaaf, paraprofessional, and Megan Hanni, Associate Principal. Congratulations, ladies! We are all lucky to work with you every day! #mayvillecardinals #mayvilleschools #cardinalpride

WCASS - Making a Difference Paraprofessional Award Winner

Joanna Vander Schaaf, Paraprofessional, Mayville Middle School

Joanna is an exceptional paraprofessional! She is versatile and able to take on any role or task asked of her. She believes in our students with her whole heart. She takes pride in their accomplishments (no matter how small) and celebrates with them. She sees their abilities and focuses on the positive attributes each student brings to our school community. 

Joanna does not shy away from our most challenging students and can navigate detailed behavior support plans with ease; providing the consistent expectations students require. She has an exemplary work ethic and continually goes above and beyond for our special education teachers and our students. She maintains a high level of professionalism in her interactions with both students and adults. 

Joanna is dependable, reliable, and willing to ask questions. Her focus is 100% on meeting student needs; she does not make decisions based on what is easier for her. Joanna takes initiative and is always looking for ways to improve the supports she is providing. Joanna is best summed up as 'good for kids'!