WCASS Award Winner – Megan H.

Annually, the Wisconsin Council of Administrators of Special Services, Ltd. (WCASS) presents awards as an opportunity to showcase its members' contributions to their districts, and to provide the public with a better understanding of the exemplary work members do to benefit students. This year, Mayville School District is incredibly proud to recognize two award winners from Mayville Middle School, Joanna Vander Schaaf, paraprofessional, and Megan Hanni, Associate Principal. Congratulations, ladies! We are all lucky to work with you every day! #mayvillecardinals #mayvilleschools #cardinalpride

WCASS – Making a Difference Administrator Award

Megan Hanni, Associate Principal, Mayville Middle School

Mrs. Hanni is a dynamic, progressive, and innovative leader who keeps students at the center of her professional practice. She is organized and thoughtful in her leadership. She has a strong work ethic and an ability to develop trusting relationships with both staff and students. She demonstrates servant leadership on a daily basis; putting others' needs before her own. 

Mrs. Hanni will always go the extra mile for her teachers and students. Volunteering to supervise recess, supervising the lunch room, being present in classrooms, being a substitute for unfilled vacancies, and intentionally planning school wide activities are just some examples of her exemplary leadership. 

Mrs. Hanni is a visionary leader who values inclusive and equitable opportunities for students. She fosters a continuous improvement mindset in her teachers and embraces district initiatives. She has been an integral part of implementing a co-teaching instructional model in Mayville Schools during the 2020-2021 school year. 

Mrs. Hanni approaches students in crisis with care and compassion. She utilizes positive behavior supports, as well as restorative practices, when supporting students who are experiencing a difficult time. Through collaborative work with the PBIS committee, she has successfully developed, and continues to fine tune, PBIS activities at Mayville Middle School. 

Mrs. Hanni does not avoid courageous conversations. She views them as opportunities to engage in continuous improvement and provide support to her teachers. She provides clear direction and expectations, which has a positive impact on student learning and school culture. She holds all staff to high standards of practice and challenges them to think critically about further advancing student growth and achievement. When concerns are brought forth, Mrs. Hanni works collaboratively to find solutions that will ensure the best possible outcome for students.