MHS Students of 2nd Semester

MHS Students of 2nd Semester have been announced!

MHS Teachers were asked to select one student for each quarter (3rd and 4th) for Academic Improvement, Academic Achievement, Character, and/or Citizenship. CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!

Photo 1 (upper left):  Front (L-R): David F. (Welding), Bryce R. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses), and Luke N. (Band Program Leader/Junior High Assistant and Algebra 2 for Precalculus); 2nd Row: Emma B. (Communication) and Avery W. (World Cultures and US History); 3rd Row: Trinity M. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses) and Maria C.M. (Algebra 2); Back: Ariana T. (Freshman English)

Photo 2:  Front: Grace W. (Algebra 1), Kaylee N. (Photoshop), and Kodie S. (Spanish 2); 2nd Row: Tahlia H. (Biology) and Xander F. (Men's Choir); Back: Adelae K. (World Cultures) and Kaylin D. (Capella Choir/Incognito and Concert Choir)

Photo 3:  Front (L-R): Sierra T. (Wood Technology), Nick Z. (Building Construction), and Taylor S. (Chemistry and World Cultures); 2nd Row: Sam B. (Algebra 2), Logan A. (Communication), and Paige W. (Yearbook); Back: Carson T. (Algebra 2) and Alec T. (Men's Choir)

Photo 4:  Front: Bryce V. (Precalculus) and Cami S. (Treble Choir); 2nd Row: Leah S. (Spanish 1 and Capella Choir/Incognito), Hunter M. (US History), and Quin P. (Chemistry); 3rd Row: Cassandra D. (Sophomore English) and RaeAnn R. (Music In Film); Back: Kaden F. (Intermediate Word/PowerPoint) and Hayden S. (Spanish 1)

Photo 5 (bottom left):  Nathan P. (Get Fit), Cole L. (Get Fit), and Sam F. (Algebra 1 and Introduction to Technology Education)

Photo 6:  Khaiya Sabel (MPTC Dual Credit Courses and Yearbook Editor-in-Chief) and Emily K. (Law and Justice)

Photo 7:  Connor T. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses)

Photo 8:  Front: Kate K. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses), Jimmy R. (Creative Writing), and Shannan S. (Communication); 2nd Row: Marissa A. (Digital Communications II and Digital Publications), Sabrina S. (Algebra 2 for Precalculus), and Braedon V. (Spanish 3 and Metals); Row 3: Caroline P. (Animal/Vet Science) and Maddison O. (Concert Choir); Back: Ashlynn L. (Concert Band)

Missing from photos: Tim G. (Yearbook), Tanner H. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses), Jessie S. (MPTC Dual Credit Courses), and Hunter T. (Modern Literature)