MHS Students of Q1

2021-22 MHS Students of the Quarter - Q1

Congratulations to our MHS Students of the 1st Quarter! 

Students were selected by a teacher for their academic achievement, academic improvement, character, and/or citizenship. 

Photo 1: Front (L-R): Johnny E. (MHS Citizenship), Isabelle N. (Modern US History), Isabel P. (Modern US History), Kaitlyn B. (Algebra 1), Claire T. (Freshman English), Marissa A. (Yearbook), Dakota Y. (Physical Science), Wyatt M. (Algebra 2 for Pre-Calculus), Gianna S. (Biology), Isabella K. (Treble Choir), Allison G. (Medieval History), Kalista L. (College Preparatory Math), Katelyn E. (Civics), Emma F. (World Cultures), and Geraldine H. (Sophomore English)

Back (L-R): Xander F. (Spanish 2), Aydian R. (Composition), Cyle L. (Intro to Tech Ed), Theresa E. (MHS Citizenship and Yearbook), Alec T. (Welding), Harrison M. (College Preparatory Math), Emily D. (Intro to Tech Ed), Coltyn L. (Woods Technology and Sophomore English), Hewsten S. (Composition), Connor B. (Algebra 2), Nick V. (Pre-Calculus), Hunter W. (Building Construction), Ashton W. (Accounting I), Joel O. (Concert Band), and Aria S. (Accounting II) 

Photo 2: Sabrina S. (Anatomy and Physiology), Skylar K. (Advanced Art Studio), and Braedon V. (British Literature)

Photo 3: Sam K. (Metals), Anna T. (Spanish 3), Brooklyn M. (MHS Citizenship and Yearbook), and Cassandra R. (Yearbook)

Not Pictured: Erin B. (Art Club/Mural Painting Leadership) and Kristen K. (Sophomore English)