MHS Students of 3rd Quarter

Congratulations to our MHS Students of 3rd Quarter for 2021-22!

Front Row (L-R): Isabel P. (Freshman English and Music In Film), Lizzy W. (Treble Choir), Makenna G. (American History), Grace W. (Spanish 2 and Intro to Marketing), Adelae K. (Intro to Tech Ed and Law and Justice), Isabelle N. (Spanish 1), Hannah S. (College Prep MATH 12), Cami S. (Spanish 2), and Hailie W. (Intro to Tech Ed)

Middle Row (L-R): Quin P. (Metals), Efron C. (Woods Technology), Amanda G. (American History), Lillian R. (Biology), Erin B. (Geometry), Kristen K. (Algebra 2 for Precalc and World Cultures), Mariah R. (Concert Choir), Anna T. (Algebra 2), Rosario J.Q. (Intermediate Word), Angelina W. (Accounting 1), Claire T. (Intro to Marketing), Ava K. (Algebra 1), and Edyn M. (Communications)

Back Row (L-R): Avery L. (Building Construction), Ronald S. (Home and Auto Maintenance), Trey J. (Woods Technology), Austin T. (Intro to Tech Ed), Taylor S. (Mayville Manufacturing), Blake S. (Automated Manufacturing), Nick V. (Automated Manufacturing), Ryan C. (Intro to Tech Ed), Keagan C. (Communications), Natalie F. (Incognito), Joel O. (Men's Choir), Zack F. (Personal Financial Management), Taylor S. (Civics), Erin B. (AP Psychology), and Kaden F. (Vocational Skills)  

Missing: Krista C. (Creative Writing), Evan F. (Personal Financial Management), and Tristan G. (Concert Band)